NC-Studio® gives you limitless options.

Professional CNC connection, customised - easy, fast and convenient!

  • Is your CNC machine utilisation rate 100%?
  • Can you produce special parts quickly and with no problems?
  • Can you use different employees for CNC programming?
NC-Studio® - generally

NC-Studio® is our future-proof

programming system for machine lines and special machines, for completely integrated production and even the most complicated drilling optimisation. At the same time, NC-Studio® is a modern programming system for "old"  CNC machines.

Efficient and flexible

The efficiency and flexibility of NC-Studio® make it possible for the user to react independently to all demands of daily production. Production time is reduced in comparison to other programming systems!

Excellent inspection options

At the programming stage, NC-Studio® and its graphic display of the plate and machining simulation offer excellent options for inspection and testing.

NC-Studio®  is available in three license levels

"Standard" - convenient, efficient range. Adaptable to any new or used machine available on the market!
"Advanced" - additional highly efficient functions, e.g. worklists, integrated macro editor.
"Professional" - for users with high demands (integrated bar code scanner operation, integrated debugger, ...)

Open to new demands

Extensive macro packages can be modified and extended easily from version "Advanced". Users can quickly create their own macros directly in NC-Studio® .

NC-Studio® - Technical highlights
  • Graphic user interface with intuitive operation
  • Process simulation (in 3D from Advanced version)
  • Diverse process optimisation
    (Drilling optimisation, tool change minimisation, structuring according to priorities)
  • Integrated macro editor with graphic display even during programming (from Advanced version)
  • Individual and structured list of variables
  • Flexible worklists (from Advanced version)
  • Integrated CAD system
Special extensions

NC-StudioTV (TrueView / 3D removal simulation), nesting, window / door manufacturing, BTL import, WEB application.

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