NC-Studio® Windows/doors

Your design package combined with our 2-component system: CLXMLViewer + NC-Studio®. The designing process stays the same, but production becomes better, safer and faster.


All information from your design package is simply transferred to the CLXMLViewer in XML files. The viewer checks and converts the files.


Complete CNC programming. You can quickly and easily carry out any everyday window manufacturing task. Depending on the window software and customer requests, the interfaces can be varied very individually. NC-Studio® is particularly open for external data. After a systematic training, users can create and modify profile systems, drilling pictures and strategies on their own.

  • Flexible configuration options permit an individual adaptation of the machine allocation and machining strategies.
  • Extensive analyses determine the ideal rotation points and part positioning and automatically generate pairs of  matching parts to optimise production.
Flexible CNC programming system

We implement our customer's strategy requests and optimise existing strategies.
E.g. 4-sided machining, squaring sashes,
linear machining or optimised pendulum machining.

  • Due to the pragmatic and realistic representation, you will immediately recognise the result of your programming work.
  • Simple parameter input - direct graphical check. Each worklist step has its own individual parameters. Feeds, references and all other parameters can be entered quickly and easily and immediately checked in the graphical representation.
Special functions especially for manufacturing wooden windows
  • Tool and machine safety
    A section of the clamping situation generated from the actual tool geometries facilitates inserting tools and profiles. This prevents damage to the tools and machine.
  • Best possible convenience
        Even for hard-to-clamp parts, NC-Studio® offers the most convenient access to the worklist and calculation of the clamping situation.
NC-Studio® - TV 3D removal simulation

NC-Studio® Zusatzmodul - TV (TrueView)

This module shows the material removal inside the 3D-simulation. The result of all processings is displayed, based on the cuboids representing the raw material. Shaped tools are condiered just as inclined planes and drilling units.
Saw cuts are calculated, depending on the different machine possibilities.
By specifying touch-points through the macro system, garbage and final part can be selected.
The display can be selected as wireframe or smoothed.
The result can be exported as STL-file for use in other software applications (i.e. 3D-printer).
For this additional module, at minimum the Advanced-Licence of NC-Studio® is necessary.
For this module a high-performance PC and graphics board is recommended.
NC-Studio® - Extension options
  • Integrated programming language, integrated debugger, open, extendible postprocessor concept. Rebate change.
  • Strategies for optimisation of speed and quality can simply be selected.

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