Marvin / MarvinCAD(LT)

MarvinCAD(LT) "Quick-Trace"

Minimal programming effort! Your drawing reaches the CNC directly and with no need for reworking.

Our special AutoCAD(LT) extension for CNC machines makes it possible to lay out the technological data of your CNC machine (e.g. tools, depths, feeds, worklists) in the drawing itself. With AutoCAD(LT) programming takes the least possible time and each shape is quick and easy to route.
Changes are simply made in the drawing, the CNC program is automatically updated.
No more trouble with:
routing text, complex shapes, pockets and islands, milling of complete parts, drilling, sawing,
oversize tasks.

NEW: "Quick-Trace"

Picture rectification for digitalisation with fastercontour detection (2D).
(integrated since version 2015).
  • Your drawing and the CNC program are always equally up-to-date.
  • Changes in your drawing are transferred to Marvin and therefore to your CNC-machine at the push of a button.
  • Inspection of all depths in the 3D display.
Marvin / MarvinCAD(LT) Functions
  • Rows of holes, drilling pictures, hinges ...
  • Worklists (e.g. roughing, finishing, sanding)
  • Multiple machining steps (e.g. in three depths)
  • Pocket cycles
  • Approach and retraction
  • Milling of splines
  • Freeform pockets with island detection
  • Rounting text (10 fonts) on arcs, splines, etc.
  • Over 500 fonts on CD-ROM (optional)
  • and many more


  • Importing TRIA: Importing TRIA drilling and milling programs, TRIA 4000, TRIA 6000, TRIA 6500, TRIA from 7500 (no variable programs)
  • Importing MPR (acc. to CAD Line specification)
  • 5 axis extension: Extension for controlling 5 axes from AutoCad(LT)
  • NEW: "Quick-Trace":  Picture rectification for digitalisation with faster contour detection (2D). (integrated since version 2015).
  • MarvinCAD "Selection": Special extension for dismantling closets from the design program "Hettich Selectionm Professional 2.0". (integrated in Marvin/MarvinCAD(LT) since 2013)


Quick trace "requires no expensive equipment allowance.

The system works with a normal camera, which can also be calibrated by the customer.


  • staircases
  • doors with catanary
  • ...

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