Future-proof CAD/CAM solutions and NC programming systems.

CEO Bodo Landeck

Thank you for your interest in our products and services.

CAD Line GmbH is a specialist for CAD/CAM solutions and CNC programming interfaces.
Thanks to 20 years of experience in wood processing, we can implement even the most complicated projects for end customers, machine manufacturers or retailers.
We have become particularly renowned as a market specialist in the field of "Windows/doors/automation".
Give us a challenge and join us on the road to success!

On aur homepage we will give you an overview of our top sellers NC-Studio®, Marvin/Marvin CAD(LT), Nesting Studio© and other products.The products we develop in-house are characterised by constant development and improvement. Our team focuses on customer consultation, cooperation and interfaces of design packages with machines.

What are the advantages of using one of our products?

You will be working with specialists, because we focus on what we do best, namely analysing problems, finding solutions, providing expert consultation and technical support for your everyday business needs. All of this makes it possible for you to take on even the most difficult CNC machining tasks. Throughout Europe we have installed approx. 600 Marvin installations and over 500 NC-Studio® installations .